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Testimonials for Kilpatrick & Philley, Attorneys at Law

“I feel highly confident in referring Jay Kilpatrick.”

Jay Kilpatrick represented me after being involved in an automobile accident. My experience with Jay has been excellent. I felt like my best interest was always his top priority. It was clear to me that he values integrity and doing what is right above all else. He was easy to reach and I honestly feel like I have known him for years. I am very pleased with the results of my personal injury case.

– Rene

“Excellent lawyer, Gets things done!”

Hired Jay as my lawyer in a custody case and he did a remarkable job. has proven to be extremely competent, responsive, hard working, and effective! Highly recommend!!

– Emily

“He took my case when I was beginning to think that no one would.”

I am hearing impaired more so because of the accident and he is very cooperative. Contacting me through email and is very prompt in getting back with me. He took my case when I was beginning to think that no one would

– Anonymous

“Handled with care.”

I highly recommend Benjamin Philley and his services. He not only helped us with our case, but did it in a very caring and timely manner.

– Crystal

“I got to experience his wealth of talent.”

I endorse Ben because he is known as one of the most aggressive and capable lawyers in this legal community and I have personally been involved in cases where I got to experience his wealth of talent. He is also a very nice fellow to deal with when you are on the same side and tough as nails when he’s on the other side.

– Lance Stevens

“Superb Attorney. Knowledgeable. Meticulous. Helpful.”

Mr. Kilpatrick was an incredible attorney for my family. I had a complicated jurisdictional custody case. My prior attorney from the previous state recommended him and I couldn’t have been happier. Jay took on my case with no issues and helped me through from start to a successful trial. Mr. Kilpatrick is very thorough on his research and strives to present the best case and evidence for the court and opposing council. I could tell that everyone at the courthouse, especially the judge, viewed Jay with very high respect and that’s most certainly because of the type and quality of work he had done and shown them in the past. Above all though, Jay answered his phone, made himself available, and personally talked to me on every single instance that I needed his help.

– Bob

“He kept our best interest at the forefront at all times.”

Jay is always informative and helpful. He kept our best interest at the forefront at all times and continuously kept in contact with us to keep us updated with what was happening in our case. If he did not know the answer to any question that was posed, he was able to find out quickly and respond accordingly. He is professional yet friendly and relatable.

– Karen

“He went above and beyond!”

I could not have been more pleased with the way Jay Kilpatrick handled my case. He went above and beyond with research to ensure that I was receiving all that was entitled to me. I am proud to call him my lawyer as well as becoming a friend.

– Penny

“I will forever feel like I can go to Jay and tell him anything.”

Jay went beyond just being a good lawyer for me he became a good friend as well. I was dealing with sharks in my lawsuit and I am so glad I had Jay to handle them. He always kept me informed about what was happening with the lawsuit and would break it down and explain what this or that meant with the case. I had lost my husband and was reeling from shock and I was so lucky to have had a friend who suggested that I call Jay. I look back on that time now and know those were rough days but I feel like Jay “held my hand” all the way through it; not only the legal part but helping me cope and introducing me to other people that I now need in my life as well. He is a lawyer with a very compassionate heart and he will fight your legal battle with a vengeance and still relate to you (his clients) like part of his family. Yes he is very trustworthy. I will forever feel like I can go to Jay and tell him anything and know that it would still be unknown. He proved that many times in my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

– Rhonda

“Jay and his associates are always there when you need them!”

Jay and his associates are always there when you need them. He has helped my family understand what has gone on and will be going on in the future. It is important to have an attorney you trust and believe will do the best for you and he always does.

– Olivia