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Oil Spill

Highly Experienced Handling Serious Oil Spill Claims

Oil Spill Oil spill litigation is a fairly new practice for most lawyers in the affected areas, but some precedent does exist. The key to any case is retaining the right oil spill lawyer in Mississippi to help you with your complex oil spill claim.

Kilpatrick & Philley, Attorneys at Law has had excellent success in these types of intricate environmental litigation claims. The team has handled claims ranging from multi-million dollar, multi-facility businesses (with retail chains all the way from FL to TX) to locally, family-owned, businesses.

Oil Spills Have Long-Term Impact

The long-term damage from oil spills can take years to become evident. It may be months or years before tourism returns to pre-oil-spill levels in coastal areas and damage can even cause a lasting impact on the environment and region.

Make no mistake—oil spills can do much more damage to a state's economy in general, in addition to the thousands of people it impacts directly on a daily basis through the loss of income—both personal income or business income.

Environmental Hazards of Oil Spills

While the financial impact to individuals and local residents is very real, the environmental hazards of an oil spill can have over the long term are potentially more dangerous, and more difficult to predict. The fragile wetlands along the state's coastal region have been completely disrupted and largely destroyed by oil spills in the past, such as the major BP oil spill. Their ecosystems have been disrupted as the environment is polluted and wildlife dies.

The Barrier Islands are also environmentally threatened due to the BP oil spill, and it's impossible to predict at this point the long-term impact on wildlife and the delicate coastal region. These types of massive oil spills can also pose hazards to humans that have yet to be fully understood.

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The BP oil spill will continue to impact Mississippi residents for years to come. Other oil spills, whether as large or not, will have equally serious repercussions. That is why negligent parties must be held accountable right away for these types of devastating environmental incidents.

The firm of Kilpatrick & Philley, Attorneys at Law is staffed with two experienced oil spill litigation attorneys in Mississippi. The team sympathizes with people who are directly impacted by serious oil spills and want to see you get the justice you deserve for your loss of income and any other damages you or your business suffer as a result.

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I could not have been more pleased with the way Jay Kilpatrick handled my case. He went above and beyond with research to ensure that I was receiving all that was entitled to me. I am proud to call him my lawyer as well as becoming a friend. Penny
I highly recommend Benjamin Philley and his services. He not only help us with our case, but did it in a very caring and timely manner. Crystal