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2 reasons crashes with commercial trucks are harder to handle

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Auto & 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Any crash can significantly alter your schedule and leave you with medical issues and expenses to cover. A crash involving a commercial truck could lead to major complications for the people in the smaller vehicle.

Especially when the commercial vehicle or its driver somehow caused a crash, the people in the smaller vehicle may need to look into their options for financial compensation. The aftermath of a collision between a large commercial truck and a four-wheel passenger vehicle can often be substantially more complicated than the fallout from a collision between two passenger vehicles.

What makes commercial vehicle collisions so difficult to address?

They cause catastrophic damage

The staggering weight and overwhelming momentum of a commercial vehicle mean that it can cause the total destruction of a smaller vehicle. Commercial trucks can leave smaller vehicles unsafe to drive, forcing someone to purchase a new vehicle rather than repair the one they previously drove.

Such major damage to the vehicle often also means major injuries for its occupants. Brain injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries can easily occur in a commercial vehicle collision, and fatalities are also possible.

The insurance claims can get messy

Many drivers don’t have much insurance, so people end up scrambling to find ways to cover their costs after a major wreck. That typically won’t be an issue in a commercial crash, as vehicles that weigh 10,001 pounds or more have to carry $750,000 or more in liability insurance. Some vehicles may even have multi-million dollar policies because of their dangerous cargo.

Although that means there will likely be enough coverage to replace your vehicle, cover your hospital bills and reimburse you for lost wages, you can also expect that the insurance company will be aggressive in its attempts to defend against a sizable claim.

Even those who might feel confident handling a basic insurance claim may feel completely overwhelmed by the process involved in a commercial vehicle insurance negotiation. Those trying to recover from a crash may need help evaluating the financial impact of the incident and fighting for an appropriate amount of compensation given their losses.

Bringing in professional help can make a big difference for those dealing with the aftermath of a commercial vehicle crash.