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Recent Crashes on Mississippi I-10 Proves Deadly

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Personal Injury

It’s sad, but true, going for a drive down the interstate can be deadly. Whether you’re running errands, transporting children, visiting relatives out of town, it doesn’t matter. Getting behind the wheel of a car, either as driver or passenger, is a more dangerous proposition than many of us are willing to admit. When tragic accidents occur, such as a recent crash just outside Gautier, Mississippi, we’re forced to acknowledge the inherent risks of such a common activity.

The recent accident occurred on Interstate 10 close to Gautier, MS. It happened on a Wednesday morning, a routine day that started like any other. According to law enforcement officials, four cars were involved in the crash that took place just before mile marker 62 on I-10. The accident was severe enough that it left all westbound lanes of the interstate blocked for hours.

According to experts, the crash occurred when two tractor-trailers and two passenger vehicles collided. So far, police aren’t providing details about exactly who or what may have started the crash, but police have said the deadly crash involved several vehicles rolling over. The accident resulted in emergency responders scrambling ambulances and helicopters to the scene of the accident. Sadly for those involved the accident, the emergency care was not enough, as four people were killed. Authorities say that the Department of Transportation closed the interstate due to the seriousness of the crash as well as to clean up the diesel spill that resulted from the collision.

Mere minutes after the four-vehicle wreck, a second two-car accident occurred on the same stretch of I-10. According to news reports, the second accident occurred just a mile away, as two emergency responders came racing to the scene of the accident. A Ford Expedition with a Jackson County Emergency Services logo on it collided with a pickup truck with a state government license plate. Both were heading westbound on I-10 prior to the crash.

The force of that accident was enough to push the SUV into the median of the interstate. Witnesses say it looked like the SUV was rear-ended by the pickup truck, which sustained serious front-end damage. The two emergency responders were responding to the previous wreck when the accident occurred, unfortunately causing further delays. The two emergency responders were taken away from the scene of the wreck for treatment of their injuries.

As hard as it is to believe, there was yet another deadly accident only a few days later. Less than a week after these two accidents, authorities with the Mississippi Highway Patrol say that a two-car crash occurred only a few miles away, at mile marker 59 on I-10, this time heading east. This accident took place when a woman in a Hyundai Santa Fe was driving the wrong direction down the interstate and collided with an 18-wheeler. The driver of the Hyundai died in the crash due to the severity of her injuries. The two occupants of the tractor-trailer suffered injuries.

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