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Garbage Truck Crash

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Personal Injury

Just last week we talked about a terrible accident involving a garbage truck. The incident demonstrated the destructive force of accidents involving large vehicles and resulted in tremendous damage to a much smaller passenger vehicle. Last week we only knew that the accident resulted in serious injuries to the driver of the smaller car, but didn’t know details about how and why the accident occurred. Police have since released new details that shed light on the crash.

According to authorities, the accident occurred when the driver of a Waste Pro garbage truck failed to stop in time and ran into the back of and eventually on top of the passenger vehicle in front of him. The crash ended up involving two other vehicles before it came to an end, resulting in more minor injuries to those drivers.

So how did the first crash happen? According to police, the driver of the garbage truck simply didn’t brake in time. Given the speed of his vehicle and its size, garbage trucks need to slow down much further in advance than smaller vehicles. In this case, that didn’t happen, leading to a rather devastating impact. By the time the driver of the garbage truck realized that the cars in front of him were stopping it was too late and the truck ended up driving over the top of the passenger vehicle.

Though the case illustrates the kind of harm that can occur when a large, heavy vehicle collides with something much smaller, there are also many examples of the opposite happening, smaller vehicles causing accidents that lead to harm for those in larger vehicles.

Sticking with garbage trucks, another accident happened this month involving a garbage truck located in George County, MS. Around 8:30 in the morning, a three-car accident occurred after a GMC Envoy slammed into the back of a Ford pickup truck. The force of that accident pushed the Ford truck into the back of the garbage truck that was stopped up ahead. Tragically, there were two workers on the back of the garbage truck at the time of the crash. The one on the left side of the vehicle was thrown from the truck and taken to a local hospital for treatment of relatively minor injuries. The one on the right side of the truck was also thrown, but sadly died on the scene of the accident due to serious injuries.

In that case, it was the garbage truck and its occupants that suffered the most serious harm and the much smaller passenger vehicles that caused the damage. Though both accidents differ in some respects, they’re the same in that harm occurred in both cases because one driver failed to stop in time, eventually crashing into stopped cars with great force. No matter how large or small your vehicle is, these kinds of accidents rarely end well.

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