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Nothing like a drone to the face to spoil a perfectly good wedding

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2017 | Personal Injury

A couple in New Hampshire has learned a lesson that many others have come to understand: drones, though cool, aren’t always fun and games. As the popularity of drones have increased dramatically in recent years, so much so that the FAA now requires those with large versions of the machines to register them with the government, so have accidents and injuries associated with their use. What starts as an attempt to buy a fancy new toy or a way of capturing cool videos can end with a trip to the emergency room if the person operating the drone isn’t careful.

The incident in New Hampshire started innocently enough. A couple was getting married at a castle and decided to employ a drone to capture some special footage of their special day. Something went wrong while the drone was being operated and the device came crashing down on the heads of several guests. In fact, news reports indicate that the drone slammed into the faces of two women on its way down to the ground.

The women are now filing suit against the groom and a man that runs events at the castle where the wedding was held. They claim that they suffered concussions after the drone hit them in the head. They also claim that they experienced permanent physical and emotional injury and deserve financial compensation as a result.

Though this incident of drone usage went especially badly, the decision to use the drone at a wedding is an increasingly common one. Drones are being used more and more to capture interesting footage for a variety of important events, like sporting events, parades, birthday parties, and most especially, weddings. Though it’s novel and the footage can look great afterwards, those planning on using the drones need to be aware that bad things can and do happen.

As drone usage continues to increase, it’s all but inevitable that incidents of harm caused by drones will grow accordingly. In fact, the venue in New Hampshire where this wedding occurred has said they will no longer allow the use of drones, an attempt to insulate themselves from legal liability. Expect similar decisions from other venues in the future.

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