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Bad Holiday Weather Means Increased Chance Of Mississippi Car Accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Personal Injury

Officials with Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency have said that drivers across the state face a potentially deadly mix of weather and road conditions over the few days prior to Thanksgiving. Authorities point out that heavy rain, flooding, possible snow and ice could make roadways treacherous and have warned drivers to pay careful attention when navigating this holiday season.

The National Weather Service has said that parts of central and east Mississippi could see as much as six inches of rain over the next several days, with some of that rain turning into snow Tuesday evening. It’s the cold temperature that has the Mississippi Department of Transportation nervous, asking drivers to proceed with extreme caution in northern parts of the state where temps may fall below freezing. Motorists are being urged to call local authorities and report icy road conditions so officers can be dispatched to warn others.

Officials have said that those in the southern parts of the state do not need to fear icy roads, however, this does not mean that drivers should abandon caution. Officials point out that driving on wet roads is often just as dangerous as driving on icy roads. In both cases there is a potential for hydroplaning, which can become deadly when cars lose traction and drivers lose control.

In case of either rain or ice, transportation officials have said that Mississippi drivers need to remember that speed limits apply only in ideal conditions. That means even if the signs say that you can go 60 or 70 miles per hour, it may not be wise given the road conditions at the time. If you see ice or heavy rain pooling on roadways you will need to slow down substantially to ensure that your car does not hydroplane.

Other tips for drivers on wet or icy roads include leaving plenty of room to stop. When roads are frozen or even just wet it can increase a driver’s stopping distance, meaning you should leave much larger gaps between yourself and other vehicles than you would under normal conditions. It’s also wise to brake slowly to avoid skidding. If your wheels begin to lock up, ease off the brakes slowly. Always remember to keep your lights on and your windshield clean as decreased visibility is a major factor in many Mississippi car accidents.

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