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Drinking To Blame For Deadly Wrong-Way Crash Outside Of Memphis

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Personal Injury

Police are saying that a deadly accident in suburban Memphis was caused by a drunk driver heading the wrong way down a busy section of I-240. The wrong-way driver then caused a head-on collision that left two teenage cousins, Demetria Allen and Chastity Wilson, as well as the wrong-way driver, dead.

Police say they have finally concluded an investigation that began after the deadly accident took place earlier this summer. Family members say they held out hope that the accident, caused by Alma Chavez, was the result of confusion or an honest mistake. According to law enforcement authorities it is now clear that Chavez was intoxicated at the time of the accident, which explains her entrance on I-240 heading the wrong direction.

According to authorities, the accident happened as Chavez was on her way home from work, a restaurant located in Southaven, Mississippi. Investigators say Chavez had been drinking on the job yet that did not stop her from hopping behind the wheel of her car. An autopsy confirmed that Chavez’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.211 at the time of the accident, nearly three times the state’s legal limit.

The crash stands as a tragic reminder of the dangers posed by wrong-way drivers. It would shock most people to learn that such accidents are actually not that uncommon and are frequently deadly. As many people might guess, wrong-way collisions are incredibly deadly. According to studies, more than 20 percent of wrong-way crashes result in death, much higher than the typical interstate fatality rate of 0.3 percent. In addition to the deadly crashes, studies show that 50 percent of wrong-way accidents result in serious or debilitating injuries.

A recent study produced by the National Transportation Safety Board discovered that 360 people die each and every year due to motorists heading the wrong way on American roadways. Of those involved in wrong-way accidents, the NTSB study showed that a shocking 69% of the drivers responsible for the accident had blood alcohol concentrations above the legal limit, a finding that was tragically confirmed in the deadly Memphis accident.

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Source: “Alcohol to blame in fatal wrong-way crash,” by Jason Miles, published at WMCTV.com.

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