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Rankin County School Bus Crash Turns Deadly

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2013 | Personal Injury

Police in Rankin County, say that one person has died and another person is in the hospital in critical condition after a terrible head-on accident with a Rankin County school bus. Authorities say they are grateful that there were no children on-board the bus during the crash, which took place just before 5 p.m. last week after the bus had completed its route.

The head-on accident happened on Mississippi 471 and involved such tremendous force that the school bus ended up flipping off the road and landing in someone’s front yard. Rankin police say that emergency responders arrived to see a small white car smashed on the centerline of MS 471. Inside the white car was a couple in their mid-60s. The driver of the white car died immediately from injuries sustained in the accident while his wife was taken by ambulance to University of Mississippi Medical Center for treatment.

Police say the driver of the school bus was also seriously injured in the accident and remains at University of Mississippi Medical Center. The bus driver was helped out of the flipped bus by an eyewitness who was able to open the back door of the school bus and help the driver to safety.

Police have not yet revealed the cause of the deadly accident and authorities say they are still investigating to determine exactly what happened prior to the crash. Though the cause is undetermined, it is clear that the extensive damage caused in the crash was due to the head-on nature of the accident. The crash demonstrates just how deadly head-on accidents can be given the extreme energy released in such a collision.

Head-on accidents are among the deadliest type of car crash given the strain put on human bodies that are forced to come to a complete stop so quickly. These types of crashes frequently result in serious internal damage, neck, back and spinal trouble as well as traumatic brain injuries. Even if a head-on accident is not deadly, the serious injuries suffered often mean that occupants will face lengthy recovery periods.

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