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71-Year-Old Motorcyclist Injured In Lowndes County Wreck After Being Hit By SUV

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Personal Injury

Police officers in Lowndes County, Mississippi say that a 71-year-old man has been hospitalized after an SUV crashed into his motorcycle early Tuesday morning. Reports indicate that the accident happened a little before 8 in the morning on Mississippi Highway 50 near Holly Hills Road.

Mississippi Highway Patrol officials say that a Chevy Trail Blazer driven by James Hendershaw collided with the motorcycle driven by Henry Collins. The collision happened when Hendershaw attempted to pull his SUV onto Highway 50 in the path of the oncoming motorcycle.

The accident then forced Collins’ motorcycle off the road and into the brush along the highway. Emergency responders say Collins suffered serious injuries and had to be taken by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle. Hendershaw was not injured in the accident. Highway Patrol officials say they are continuing to investigate the accident before deciding whether to pursue criminal charges.

The accident is a clear demonstration of the danger that inattentive or distracted drivers can pose to Mississippi motorcyclists. Bikers may believe they’re out for a simple ride but that fun drive can turn deadly fast given the right circumstances. The fact is motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to such accidents than occupants in passenger vehicles given the small size of motorcycles and the lack of a vehicle cabin to protect them.

Given this vulnerability, it’s essential that motorists in Mississippi take extra care to watch for motorcyclists. State transportation officials say the slogan, “Look Twice, Save A Life” is true and should be followed by more drivers. Simply being aware of your surroundings can help cut the risk of injury or death suffered by motorcyclists. Drivers of passenger vehicles need to carefully check their blind spots and double check before making turns into oncoming traffic. Motorcycles have a much lower profile than passenger vehicles can be easily missed in a quick glance. Spending even another second taking a slower look will cost you nothing but could end up saving someone else’s life.

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Source: “Motorcyclist Injured In Lowndes County Crash,” published at TheRepublic.com.

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