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Wet Roads Lead To Eight-Car Pileup In Moss Point, MS

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2013 | Personal Injury

A terrible accident on I-10 near Moss Point, Mississippi culminated in an eight-car crash that shut down westbound lanes for several hours earlier this week.

The wreck occurred at exit 613 and involved seven cars and one 18-wheeler colliding with one another at the peak of afternoon rush hour. Emergency responders arrived on the scene to treat victims’ injuries. Police say the collisions resulted in a pregnant woman and her young daughter being taken by ambulance to the Singing River Hospital.

So far authorities continue to investigate the accident but say they believe that rain was a factor in the accident. According to witnesses, it all happened after a driver pulled out in front of traffic and started a chain reaction of accidents.

To avoid a deadly accident like the one that left Baum dead, drivers in Mississippi need to be especially wary on rainy days. The most important rule you can follow on wet roads is to slow down. Vehicles are more difficult to control on wet pavement and the best way to increase the grip of your tires is to slow the speed of the vehicle down. Though going slow is a good idea, it’s a bad idea to slow down quickly. Break evenly and slowly, slamming the brake can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and send the car into a skid.

It’s also important to avoid making any sudden movements with your steering wheel. Jerking the car can cause the tires to slip and lead to a fishtail. Remember to keep distance between your car and others on the road to allow everyone the necessary room to come to a stop. Finally, if the weather is truly terrible pull over in a parking lot and wait out the height of the storm. No errand is so important that it’s worth risking your safety and taking a few minutes to stay off the road might be the best way to keep yourself and others out of harms way.

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Source: “I-10 accident has westbound traffic at a standstill near Moss Point,” by Gareth Clary, published at GulfLive.com.

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