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Mississippi Man Claims He Was Victim of Surgical “Torture”

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

A 69-year-old man from Gretna, MS has filed suit claiming an especially horrific incident of medical malpractice. The disturbing story claims that the man awoke during an eye surgery to discover that his mouth had been taped shut by doctors.

The man, Hector L. Alonso, sued Tulane University Medical Center and two doctors that performed the surgery, Franklin Rawlings and Shehab A. Ebrahim. The court filings also claim that Alonso is now blind in his right eye after the botched surgery.

Papers describe the surgery as “torture.” Alonso claims that after he awoke, he insisted that doctors stop his procedure. He claims that the surgeon then placed tape over his mouth to stifle his protests and that other medical staff in the room held him down and gagged him, apparently using enough force that one of his teeth was knocked out and later swallowed during the procedure.

Alonso checked into Tulane Hospital for a simple cataract surgery to fix a mild problem in right eye, but halfway through the procedure the anesthetic he was given wore off. He then laid there and watched as Ebrahim continued operating on his eye, poking terrifying medical instruments into his eyeball all while he was wide awake.

Alonso says he is seeking an unspecified amount in damages in his suit alleging medical negligence as well as assault and battery. His attorneys claim the hospital and the two doctors failed to treat him properly, did not use proper procedures, failed to properly sedate and monitor him and failed to properly supervise other employees in the operating room. The botched surgery and subsequent loss of vision has also left Alonso with a lifetime of diminished earning capacity.

The case will now be heard by Judge John Molaison, Jr. in Gretna, MS.

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