Oil Slick Nears Florida Beaches!

Rig_Fire_015.jpgKilpatrick & Philley, PLLC are reporting that the oil slick is nearing the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle. This means that the oil slick is nearing Pensacola and Perdido Key, FL for the first time. Officials in Florida are reporting that the oil sheen is about 9 miles off the coast of Pensacola beach, which is a summer hot spot. If the oil slick hits the panhandle, it would be a devastating blow to tourism and industry in not only Florida, but also Alabama and Mississippi.

Meanwhile, BP is still trying to plug the hole leaking oil from the bottom of the sea floor. BP has been trying for six weeks to block the seafloor well or divert the oil, but all attempts to date have failed. BP’s latest efforts involve utilizing a set of tools similar to an oversized deli slicer and garden shears to break away the broken riser pipe so that its engineers can then position a cap over the well’s opening. Needless to say, this is the worst oil spill in the history of the United States, and has already had catastrophic effects on the seafood industry and the ecosystem.

BP’s stock fell as news of a criminal probe stemming from the disaster surfaced. In fact, British-based BP PLC shares were down 3 percent Wednesday morning in London trading after a 13 percent fall on Tuesday. BP has lost $75 billion in market value has been lost by BP since the oil spill started on April 20, 2010 following a fatal explosion on the deepwater rig Horizon.

Make no mistake – this oil spill will continue to impact Mississippi residents for years to come. The firm of Kilpatrick & Philley, PLLC, is staffed with an experienced litigation attorney, Benjamin N. Philley. Ben sympathizes with people who are directly impacted by this oil spill, and we want to see you get the justice you deserve for your loss of income, and any other damages you or your business suffer as a result of this oil spill. Let our experienced litigators help you. Take advantage of our NO OBLIGATION, FREE CONSULTATION. Ask us questions. We will provide straight answers and explain what we can do for you and how we can help you during this stressful time. You can contact us online or call us today at (601) 856-7800 or 1-877-856-0330 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


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