Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Due to Mississippi Wreck

Post #1 image. 3-12-2012.jpgAccording to a recent report by the Sun Herald, a Jones County, Mississippi boy has been awarded nearly $6.9 million because of an accident he had in a Toyota 4Runner. The accident caused the boy, Will Graves, to be paralyzed from the chest down. A federal jury returned a verdict on Friday, February 24, 2012, saying that the Toyota 4Runnner’s design was defective. At the time of the accident, Graves was 16, so his parents sued Toyota on his behalf.

Graves was on his way to work out with friends on New Year’s Eve the day of the accident. Graves has no memory of the accident, but according to experts, Graves weaved onto the shoulder of the road and then tried to over-correct which caused the SUV to tip over. The 4-Runner flipped more than three times.

At trial, Graves’ attorney, Joe Sam Owen, was able to prove that the design of the 4Runner made it heavy on top, making it dangerously likely to flip over. He also demonstrated at trial that 4Runners made between 1990 and 1995 contained the design problem, which has led to several lawsuits. The jury award is intended to cover Graves’ present and future medical expenses, in addition to the pain and suffering that he has suffered. Now, Graves needs continuous care. He is confined to a wheelchair, and he is not able to use his hands.

The jury award is also intended to help Graves continue his education. Prior to the accident, he wanted to be an engineer, but now he is considering law school. Graves has enrolled in a local community college so that his parents can continue to care for him.

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Source: “Teen awarded almost $6.9M over wreck,” by Anita Lee, published at

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