Mother of Mississippi teen injured in car wreck wants other teenagers to be careful while driving

Post #2 image. 2012-05-14.jpgThe Clarion Ledger recently reported the story of Elaine Toney. She is the mother of one of three high school students injured in a wreck on I-55 in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi. Toney wants all teenage drivers to remember that being behind the wheel of a car requires a great deal of responsibility and maturity. She told reporters, “I want them to remember that these cars are not toys… This is not a Nintendo game that you can press a reset button and start all over again, and say, ‘Oops my bad,’ and it’s ok. When they get behind the wheel of these cars, they’re taking their lives and other people’s in their hands.”

Toney’s son is Cameron Toney. He is a junior at Terry High School. His friend, sophomore Kaddarius Bullie, remains in critical condition following the recent Mississippi car wreck. Both students are being treated at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Bullie and Toney were passengers in a car driven by Nicholas Brown, also a junior at Terry High School. Investigators say that Brown swerved his white Nissan Maxima out of the way of an oncoming car and lost control of the vehicle. He hit the median and flipped the car several times. Bullie and Toney were ejected from the car and sustained serious personal injury.

Toney tells reporters that her son Cameron does not remember much of the auto accident. She said that he remembers getting into car and then putting on his headphones. The next thing he remembered was the bar in the median coming towards him and then waking up in an ambulance.

Authorities have not said whether the students were wearing seatbelts, but since the car crash resulted in an ejection, it is likely that they were not. All drivers are encouraged to wear seatbelts, not only for their safety, but also to minimize their contributing liability in the event of a collision.

Statistics reveal that teenagers are more likely to be distracted when there is more than one passenger in the car. Toney and her husband admonished her son for being in the car with too many people because of the likelihood of the driver being distracted. Although the other driver who came into the Nissan’s lane was clearly at fault for the collision, had the additional passengers not distracted the driver, he may not have had such a terrible wreck.

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Source: “Mother appeals to teen drivers,” by Therese Apel, published at

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