Judge Barbier Refuses to Extend Deadline for Seafood-Related Claims in BP Oil Spill Settlement

Post #3 image. 2013-01-27.jpgU.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, the judge in charge of overseeing the BP Gulf Coast oil spill litigation, has denied a request to extend the deadline for those in the commercial fishing industry to join a multi-billion dollar settlement.

The settlement with BP was meant to cover seafood-related claims from those at work in the commercial fishing industry. As of now, that portion of the larger settlement is estimated to come to $2.3 billion.

At the end of last week Judge Barbier chose to reject a motion by a plaintiffs’ lawyer from Texas who represents thousands of claimants in the class-action settlement which was only finally approved last month. A day before the deadline passed, the attorney filed a motion asking that the deadline for seafood-related losses to be filed be continued for another several months. The attorney said that there wasn’t enough time for everyone to file his or her claims given how complex the settlement was.

The deadline for those filing seafood-related claims has now passed and Judge Barbier saw no reason to extend it. Barbier said that it had been sufficiently publicized for months that once the settlement was finally approved, commercial fishers would have 30 days to then file their seafood claims.

Though the seafood claims were at issue in the recent story, they represent only part of the much larger settlement reached with BP after the oil company’s well in the Gulf of Mexico suffered a blowout. The damage was tremendous and resulted in 11 dead oilrig workers. The environment fallout was huge and resulted in a sprawling settlement with BP that could resolve nearly 100,000 separate class-action claims. So far, it’s estimated that the settlement will cost BP around $7.8 billion.

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Source: “Federal judge rejects motion to extend deadline for BP oil spill seafood settlement,” by Richard Thompson, published at NOLA.com.

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