Inattentive Truck Driver Causes Three-Car Crash Including A Rankin County School Bus

Post #2 image. 2013-02-03.jpgA recent accident in Mississippi left several students and others injured after a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of a line of stopped cars, including a school bus full of children.

The accident involved three vehicles and took place in the northbound lanes of Highway 49 south of Florence, MS. The students on the bus were from Rankin County Schools and had just been let out for the day and were on their way home when the accident took place. Police say that School Bus 395 was rear-ended by a pickup truck that had been rear-ended by an 18-wheeler.

Though there were 17 students on board, thankfully everyone was seated at the time of the collision which minimized the damage of the crash. Ultimately, two adults and two children were transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Mississippi Highway Patrol says that at the time of the collision the bus was fully stopped and had its flashing warning lights activated as it prepared to let off a group of students. It was at that moment that a tractor-trailer owned by K.C. Transport crashed into the back of the pickup truck and then the bus. The impact was so severe that the back of the bus was crushed, including the last three rows of seats.

A police spokesperson said that the driver of the semi truck did not realize that the flashing lights were on and thus slammed into the pickup truck stopped on the highway. The driver of the pickup truck was injured and also taken to the hospital for his injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured in the collision and police say and investigation is still ongoing. No charges have yet been filed in connection with the crash.

This accident illustrates just how important it is for all drivers to be aware of their surroundings, especially on crowded highways in the middle of the afternoon. Given that this accident took place just before afternoon rush hour and involved a school bus, many more people could have been injured. If you have been injured and think you may have a personal injury claim, please contact the Mississippi personal injury lawyers at Kilpatrick & Philley at (601) 856-7800.

Source: “Injuries in school bus, 18-wheeler crash,” by Roslyn Anderson, published at

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