Fatal motorcycle accident raises awareness of danger

Post #4 image. 2012-06-04.jpgOne way to reduce motorcycle accidents is to be more aware of all the traffic surrounding your car. Something so small as paying more careful attention could save a biker’s life. One such tragic accident took place last week in Monroe County, Mississippi and resulted in the death of one man and injuries to two others.

Coroner Alan Gurley said 42-year-old Kenneth G. Atkinson was driving a motorcycle east on Egypt Road when he collided with a pickup truck traveling west. The accident happened at 4:39 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. The coroner said Atkinson was then transported to North Mississippi Medical Center where he died of multiple traumas early the next morning. Emergency responders treated the driver and passenger of the truck at the scene. They were not transported to the hospital, according to the coroner.

Hearing about accidents like this make riding a motorcycle seem like one of the most dangerous things anyone can do these days. There are way too many things that can go wrong when riding, and the fact is that it is bikers are prone to more serious injuries, because they are so exposed and lack any real protection.

It is estimated that 100,000 motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle crashes last year, with 5,154 of those crashes ending in fatalities. Motorcycles are naturally less safe than enclosed automobiles, and they are less visible and less stabile than four-wheeled vehicles. But that does not mean that other motorists do not owe you a duty when you are on the road in Mississippi. It is a driver’s duty to drive with due care and attention, and if they fail to live up to that duty, they should be held responsible for the consequences, such as paying medical bills, lost wages or damages for a wrongful death.

Accidents like this one require the assistance of an experienced lawyer, particularly if you want justice and a fair settlement. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident resulting from someone’s negligence, please contact the Mississippi auto accident lawyers at Kilpatrick & Philley at (601) 856-7800.

Source: “Motorcycle accident kills one in Monroe County,” by C.J. LeMaster, published at WTVA.com.

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