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You wouldn’t ordinarily think that something like workers’ compensation benefit guides could be sexist. After all, an injury is an injury, so it shouldn’t matter the gender of the person being impacted by it. A recent lawsuit in California aims to challenge that idea, arguing that the state’s workers’ comp system is not only sexist, but deeply so, and that it has been consistently discriminating against women by undervaluing the harm they suffer.

The case at issue was filed on behalf of several women in Los Angeles County. The plaintiffs are attempting to receive class action certification and bring a claim representing thousands more women. Two of the women involved in the initial lawsuit are former police officers who both received mastectomies. In one instance, the officer said she developed breast cancer due to exposure to toxins, something a medical evaluator agreed with. Though the injury was deemed work-related, the disability guide used by California said that there is no permanent impairment due to the loss of a woman’s breast.

The officer, Janice Page, argues such a result demonstrates the inherent inequality in the workers’ comp system. She says that to this day she suffers from scarring, pain, numbness and psychological harm due to the mastectomy. Despite these easily demonstrated injuries, the workers’ comp system offered no hope of compensation, something Page believes is evidence of unfair sexism.

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Mississippi apparently has a perfect storm brewing with respect to auto insurance rates. The state has long led the country in vehicle repair costs, has recently seen an increase in not only the total number of car accidents, but also in the number of drunk driving crashes, and has seen reduced law enforcement presence on state and local roadways. These issues have combined to result in what many believe will be a whopping insurance increase for Mississippi drivers.

According to the state Insurance Commissioner, insurance carriers in Mississippi are expected to ask for rate increases of between 10 and 20 percent over the next several months. Others have said that initial increases may be lower, but the trajectory is the same. Insurers operating in Mississippi have seen mounting costs associated with auto insurance and, as a result, it won’t be long until the insurers attempt to pass along those costs to drivers.

One of the biggest factors in the increasing insurance rates is that vehicle repairs costs have ballooned, up more than 16% in recent years. Beyond that, the frequency of car wrecks on Mississippi roads and highways has also taken a big jump. The Mississippi Highway Patrol says that there have been a 10 percent increase in crashes since the beginning of this year when compared with numbers from 2015.

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Everyone’s heard about the dangers of drunk driving and the harm it can cause. Though drugged driving isn’t discussed as frequently, the harm that it can result in is equally serious. The reality is that intoxicated driving is dangerous, regardless of what substance you’ve ingested to lead to the intoxication. Intoxication leads to impairment and impairment leads to mistakes, sometimes very costly mistakes.

A good example of that occurred earlier this month when a man from Gulfport, MS was sentenced to jail after a September 2014 accident that left an innocent woman seriously injured. Back in 2014, police say they received a call from a concerned motorist about a driver who was weaving dangerously through traffic. Police were dispatched, but before they could arrive, the caller recounted in horror as the impaired driver missed a curve and crossed directly into oncoming traffic. This resulted in a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle, putting the woman in the other car in the hospital with serious head and neck injuries.

After the accident the impaired driver, Kelly Hammons, was given a blood test which showed that he had several illegal drugs in his system at the time of the crash. Among them were cocaine and methamphetamine. Hammons was charged with driving impaired by drugs and only a few weeks ago was sentenced for his crime. The judge presiding over his case sentenced Hammons to 25 years in prison given that his DUI resulted in bodily harm to another motorist.

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