BP Oil Spill Litigation Unfolds

718977_big_oli_rig.jpgThe Mississippi Oil Spill Litigation firm of Kilpatrick & Philley, PLLC is following closely with the the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers and creating one of the most disastrous man-made environmental hazards in the history of the United States. Over a month later, the oil oozing from the site of the ruined rig still hasn’t stopped, and the long-term impact of the Gulf Oil Spill is only beginning to be felt.

Loss of Employment Due to the Oil Spill
One of the biggest financial hazards that Mississippi residents face as a result of the oil spill is a loss of employment. Thousands of Mississippi residents are out of work a month after the oil spill, and that number is expected to grow into the tens of thousands as the oil spill worsens. Fishing has been temporarily banned in the Gulf, and that ban is expected to continue for months, if not years, while cleanup efforts are underway. The tourism industry is also taking a major hit, as oil is beginning to wash up on resort beaches in large quantities.

Environmental Hazards of the Oil Spill
While the financial impact to Mississippi residents is very real, and urgent in the present day, the environmental hazards of the oil spill over the long term are potentially more dangerous, and more difficult to predict. The fragile wetlands along Mississippi’s coastal region are expected to be completely disrupted and largely destroyed by the oil spill. Their ecosystems will be disrupted as the environment is polluted and wildlife dies.

The Barrier Islands are also environmentally threatened due to the oil spill, and it’s impossible to predict at this point the long-term impact on wildlife and the delicate coastal region. The oil could also pose human hazards, which have yet to be explored in any great detail.

Litigation Developments of the Gulf Oil Spill
Transocean, the company that actually owns the Deepwater oil rig that exploded, has already filed litigation to limit its exposure in this oil spill. It has filed a motion that would limit its liability to $27 million for the entire oil spill, while the company itself gets to keep as much as $533 million in insurance money from the failed venture. The $27 million would be quickly exhausted due to claims by people whose employment has been rendered impossible, and environmental lobbyists who want to earmark the money for cleanup. This litigation is beginning to spark waves of political backlash.

BP has yet to file an answer to any of the oil-spill-related litigation, but well soon know how BP plans to respond to the growing body of litigation. One thing is certain: anyone who has been directly impacted by the Gulf oil spill should file litigation sooner rather than later, before the companies manage to limit their liability and reduce their payouts. Individuals who wait too long to file litigation may find that the money is gone.

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