Barge Collision Spills Oil Into Mississippi River Around Vicksburg

Post #4 image. 2013-01-27.jpgThough the BP Gulf Coast oil spill has been in the news recently given the multi-billion dollar settlement that was recently finalized, a new oil spill recently made the headlines that’s even closer to home.

According to very recent reports, two oil barges that were being pushed by a tugboat slammed into a railroad bridge in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The accident happened early Sunday morning and caused one of the oil barges to leak crude oil into the Mississippi River.

So far, officials with the U.S. Coast Guard have said they are using a boom to try to contain the oil that is leaking into the river. Officials say that the amount of oil that has leaked from the damages boats has not yet been determined.

Thankfully no one was injured in the accident. When word of the accident was finally revealed, federal, state and local authorities were immediately dispatched to the scene. Also involved were people from the oil industry’s Oil Spill Response Organization.

It’s not yet been announced which oil company was transporting the oil nor how much oil was on board either oil barge. No details regarding possible environment damage have been released given how recently the collision occurred. Investigators have towed both damaged boats to the bank of the river and are currently deciding how to best contain the spill and begin a clean up.

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Source: “Crude oil spills into Mississippi River after oil barges crash,” by Reuters, published at

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