Apple moves to bring Siri into Mississippi vehicles

Post #1 image. 2012-07-31.jpgBy now many of us have either heard of or had the opportunity to experience Apple’s helpful gadget dubbed “Siri.” The technology company had a major announcement about the helpful little robot, but it had nothing to do with the iPhone.

The company instead said that Siri would shortly be coming to a steering wheel near you. Several car companies have signed on to implement the new “Eye’s Free” feature in their vehicles. These companies include several of the biggest auto manufacturers: BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and Audi. The carmakers will allow drivers to integrate Siri with their car’s electronic systems and thus be able to access Siri through a steering wheel-mounted button.

Given this integration, it seems likely that such devices will also allow people to sync other features of their Apple products with their vehicles. This could include music, calling features, maps, text messaging and email, all with the helpful, voice-activated assistance of Siri.

Some believe such a system would be welcome to drivers who grow tired of having to manually enter in their destinations in the GPS. By making use of Siri’s natural language voice control system, drivers will supposedly be better able to keep their hands on the wheel and their minds on the task at hand, thus limiting the dangers associated with distracted driving.

Apple never got around to mentioning what, if any, restrictions would placed on Siri’s use in the car. Currently, Siri can be used to read and send text messages, get directions, find restaurants and movies, play music, get weather reports, answer random questions as well as a multitude of other tasks. This plethora of entertaining possibilities could become a liability rather than a benefit to drivers as the door becomes open to even more distractions.

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Some see this a proof that the auto industry is working hard to crack down on distracted driving. The question remains whether the benefits of Siri will actually work to reduce distractions or if it will instead pose many of the same threats to drivers. If you have been injured and think you may have a personal injury claim, please contact the Mississippi auto accident attorneys at Kilpatrick & Philley, PLLC at (601) 856-7800.

Source: “What Siri’s ‘Eyes Free’ feature means for cars,” by Liane Yckoff, published at

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