10 Dead on Mississippi Roadways Over Holiday Weekend

Post #6 image. 2013-01-03.jpgTragic news out of the Mississippi Highway Patrol who said that at least 10 people died and more than two dozen were injured on Mississippi roads over the extended New Year’s Eve weekend.

Among those who died over the festive holiday weekend include a young woman whose Suburban ran off the road in Hinds County and struck a tree. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident and unfortunately was not wearing a seat belt. The young woman had three children and had just recovered from breast cancer, leaving a devastated family behind.

The New Year’s Eve weekend began on Friday night and continued on through Tuesday. During that time law enforcement agencies across the state set up checkpoints and called in extra officers to police the roads. Despite this aggressive enforcement attempt, nearly a dozen lives were lost in only a few days.

Beyond the tragic accidents, troopers say that some 5,600 citations were issued and 135 people were arrested for DUI. Police agencies across the state handled 149 accidents. Though this may seem like a lot, the numbers are not unprecedented. Last year there were 3,500 citations issued and 156 DUI arrests over the New Year’s holiday weekend.

Though the Mississippi Highway Patrol seemed to be especially busy, the Jackson Police Department claims not to have seen especially busy roadways over the holiday weekend. The Jackson PD said that most motorists stayed off the roads, making only three DUI arrests on New Year’s Eve and early New Year’s Day.

If it is found that the individuals responsible for the many wrecks were drunk at the time of impact, that drivers could be held financially responsible for the damages. A drunk driving accident is a clear sign of negligence and they should never happen. Particularly on major drinking holidays, individuals that choose to drink should make arrangements well in advance to stay well away from any opportunity to operate a vehicle. Failing to do so can result in loss of life or serious injury, criminal consequences and even a costly civil lawsuit.

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Source: “10 killed in holiday weekend accidents,” by Emily Le Coz, published at ClarionLedger.com.

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